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Vivaha Sutram is an application that is geared towards answering the question of “When will I get married?”. The program is actually a calculator that bases its computations on the Vedic Nadi astrology that is used to determine a probability for a marriage date.

The Vivaha Sutram software is result of research done by Acharyasree Pawan Chandra which is aimed at providing important marriage timelines including the chance and timeline of early marriage and late marriage in your life cycle. The program will provide with specifics such as the date, month and the year that you are most likely to be married.

Aside from just dates and timelines, the Vivaha Sutram will also provide you with basic philosophy and other writing that relates to the subject of marriage and you will also be given the option to print the results and information obtained.

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Based on the SPS system, calculation of the likely date of your marriage in accordance with the date, time and place of birth (provided by you) in conformity with Vedic Astrology +your anticipated date of marriage worked out on the basis of SPS system and astro-numerology.

Our considered opinion on the results obtained by following the above stated approach.

Mathematical basis why Jupiter is considered to be the planet associated with the occurrence of one’s marriage.

Your date of marriage vis-à-vis other planets.

Provision to study Horoscope Varga Kundli and Dasha-Antardasha charts.

Provision for the study of the Gochar of the likely date of marriage.

Provision for the study and analysis of the likely date of marriage on the basis of K.P.System.

Important landmarks in your life (date, month and year etc.)

+ much more

System Requirements:

windows xp, vista, windows 7

Vivaha Sutram 2.0  Free Download screenshot